Frederick Wassef was married to the owner of the cyber-security company of the Superior Court of Justice, which recently suffered hacking.

Former lawyer of Bolsonaro and Queiroz is linked to the cybersecurity of the STJ, which suffered hacking this weekNOTES

The controversial lawyer Frederick Wassef, who has already represented the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro and also his personal friend Fabrício Queiroz, is linked to the cyber-security of the Superior Court of Justice, according to the journalist Diego Escoteguy.

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Wassef, who became nationally famous for „sheltering“ Queiroz in a house in Ubatuba until the arrest of former Senator Flavio Bolsonaro’s advisor, was married to Cristina Boner Leo, who owns Globalweb Outsourcing, responsible for the security of the STJ.

Wassef was called „Angel“ by Queiroz and supposedly „hid“ the former advisor – linked to the militia in Rio de Janeiro and accused in the scheme of the crack of the state legislature – in Atibaia until last year. During the period in which he was „disappeared“, Queiroz – who was not formally denounced – became famous in the country because nobody knew his whereabouts.

This week, a number of federal and state entities suffered from hacker attacks in Brazil, among them the STJ, but also the Ministry of Health Crypto Cash and the Military Court of the State of São Paulo. President Jair Bolsonaro claimed last Thursday night that the authorities had identified those responsible for the attacks.

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Hackers give interviews
The hackers known as CyberTeam, who claimed responsibility for this week’s attacks, gave an interview this Friday for the LiveCoins portal, explaining the actions.

The attacks were allegedly carried out in ‚partnership‘ with other hacker groups such as TheMx0nday and NDA staff and claimed to be linked to ‚protests‘ related to the judicial system and the Mariana Ferrer case, which was humiliated at a hearing this week in a case where she accused the son of a powerful businessman in Santa Catarina of rape. A hacker identified as Zambrius says:

„We carry out these acts in protest at the culpable rape and the system of justice itself, it is not only in Brazil that the system works this way, it is all over the planet, and we are tired of being punished many times for things we have not done. I myself am being punished for something that I did not do, and Justice implies condemning me even though I know the truth, but money has always spoken louder, this happened to Mari Ferrer, money has always spoken louder in the society we live in…“.

He also claims that this is „the beginning of the campaign“ and that system security weaknesses have been exploited:

„The attack has all been very automated with tools suitable for the vulnerabilities found in the systems, often end up being an outdated Apache that allows us to enter the systems, as VPN’s with remote access to computers … The attack itself we can not expose“.

The group also guarantees that it has data from President Jair Bolsonaro himself and could expose it on the Internet. It’s worth remembering that Bolsonaro and his children were already the subject of attacks and even credit card fraud last year. The hacker completes:

„The databases have been extracted and it is possible that in the future there will be a leak as in Bolsonaro’s examinations, we have recently cloned the SUS cards of the Bolsonaro family“.

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Finally, Zambrius assures that the hacker group „is not kidding“ and says that the attacks will follow:

„The people know how the system works, and we are censored when we speak out, these attacks were not the first and not the last, we are not kidding, and we will not stop when we are alive“.

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